The Battle Against Complexity

We’re on a mission:
To win the battle against complexity.

The world is overrun with complexity. It’s flooded with enormous words that nobody understands, smothered in a bland camouflage, disguised in a sea of sameness. There are too many machines that do the speaking for you. Too many meetings. Too many layers. It’s time to join JPC in our battle against complexity.


Teach complexity a lesson.

Take the enemy down in our fast and furious arcade style shoot ‘em up game and join our leaderboard of ‘Complexity Busters’.
How to play: Take steer of the ray gun using the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys as it blasts its way through wave upon wave of enemies. Collect ‘power ups’ along the way to boost the gun’s effectiveness. But beware, colliding with enemies will mean an instant game over.

Meet the enemy.

The Jargon Junkie

This silver-tongued perplexer is only fluent in one language: Complication. And, if you can’t understand him, we’re pretty sure your customers won’t either. Watch out for his intricate web of mumbo-jumbo, it can be contagious. Bring him back down to Earth and remind him nobody wants to talk to a dictionary.


The Jargon Junkie

The Automation Mutation

This is one powerful machine, capable of so many great things. But used in the wrong way, he can seriously alienate you from your customers. He’ll get you caught up in data capture and process all while trying to erase your human side. Let’s teach him a lesson in human 101: humans speak human, buddy.


The Slow-Moving Slug

This slimey character oozes complexity. Often paralysed with indecision, he struggles to find a strategic way forward. Throwing a meeting here, and roadblock there, he’ll quickly bog you down. So, let’s get under his skin and whip this slug into shape, because that’s the only way to influence this beast.


The Corporate Corpse

The Corporate Corpse

Recognise this fella? Nope – that’s because he forgot to put his brand on this morning. He’s bored himself to death with uninspiring, complex messaging. Imagine the damage he could do to your customers?! Slap him with some strategic creativity to make him stand out and cut through the noise.


The Unfathomable USP

This three-headed insect can easily hypnotise you with all his strengths. To the untrained eye, he can be so complex it’s near impossible to know what exactly he stands for. Don’t give up though, there’s always a way. Take a single minded, focused aim and together we can work out the best way to overcome him.


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