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Content Strategist

Content is central to modern marketing. 

With the demise of the hard sell and cold call, and a focus on managing the customer funnel from cradle to grave across the B2B life-cycle, content is in great demand. That’s why content strategists are an important component of our client offer.

At JPC, we see content strategy as a genuinely strategic role. The clue is right there in the title.

We expect our content strategists to be excellent copy and thought leadership writers, without a doubt. They should also be solid editorial managers, capable of managing other writers, commissioning content, curating editing and publishing materials, and feeling comfortable working on any platform.

But those duties are what copywriters and editors already do. We expect significantly more from strategists.

We are looking for people who have the intellectual capacity to deliver truly transformative results for our clients. That is, after all, the difference between a strategic and an operational role.

  • You are proud to bring experience from multiple previous B2B engagements to any commission – because you know that that’s part of the contribution of an agency to its clients.
  • You are already an expert on the challenges, ambitions and opportunities for businesses operating in our sectors (technology, telco, energy, professional services, construction) – because otherwise we are not going to be able to add value to their work.
  • You are optimistic, collaborative and communicative in meetings at CXO level in $BN businesses. We engage at this level all the time. If you cannot hold an expert conversation (and navigate the occasions when you are under-informed  – which will happen!) then you are probably not ready for us.
  • You can assimilate and structure exceptional amounts of information without ever dropping the ball, bluffing your way, or failing to get more information when needed. Our job is to stick our noses into our clients’ businesses, to understand instinctively the levers which will move the needle on their activities, and which will generate real change. Only then can we begin to produce creative solutions. Our content strategists are fundamentally business consultants first, and content creators second.

As you can see, our content strategists are a cut above just defining editorial deliverables or running content audits. Our Account Managers (you’ll work with them hand-in-glove) will help with that sort of thing.

If you see your job as something more fundamental; truly understanding the contribution of content to the specific challenges of a major business, and if the idea of solving those challenges is what motivates you, then this may be the right role for you.

You are:

  • An expert on modern business
  • A great communicator at all levels
  • Obsessively curious, a great listener and hungry for knowledge
  • An intellectual heavyweight, capable of marshalling complex ideas correctly without fail
  • A great B2B writer
  • A good organiser and planner
  • The ability to facilitate and run content workshops, build out proposition frameworks, experience in bids, win theme development, capturing requirements from clients, sifting out of complex solutions tech heavy guff into clear, powerful win themes.
  • Happy with change, and enthused about what happens at the cutting edge of business and technology
  • Well versed in brand, B2B marketing, ABM and modern multimedia enough to help make decisions on deliverables. Similarly, a reasonable grounding in SEO, SEM, social media etc. are all very helpful – but truly secondary considerations to strategic commercial insight

This role is flexible, with significant home-working alongside frequent client-facing travel and time in our studio in Clapham.

To apply for this exciting opportunity, please contact Ryan McKenna on recruitment@thinkjpc.com Please include a copy of an up to date CV, a covering letter and your salary expectations.