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MYOC Content and Social Media Assistant

We’re offering a 3-month PAID INTERNSHIP leading to a further 6 month’s PAID APPRENTICESHIP. It’s a chance to carve out your career in marketing, with the potential for a full-time job opportunity.

Working as part of our content team, you’ll manage our social activity as well as learning the core skills and roles involved in delivering great copy. You’ll also work closely with our creative team to learn how great content and brilliant creative flow together. With these skills in place, you’ll be ready to choose the career path that best reflects your ambitions.

Location: Clapham, SW London

  • Passionate – You really care about words – content – you’re engaged in the world of social media and have a keen interest in the concept of brands.  
  • Bursting with ideas – And you can’t wait to write them down.
  • Motivated – The prospect of crafting great content and social communications excites and motivates you.
  • Curious – Your favourite questions are how and why. And if no-one has an answer for you, you’ll explore the options for yourself  
  • Digital – You’re not only on every social channel, you also take a keen interest in the latest gadgets and think technology is fascinating rather than flat
  • Team Our team is driven and motivated enough to win awards, but we’re not cutthroat. Our team is close-knit, helpful and welcoming. By joining us, you’ll not just be entering a landscape of brilliant minds, you’ll be immersing yourself in a supportive, collaborative environment that will help you to thrive.
  • Environment We’re a small agency – that means less hierarchy and more opportunity. It also means less ego – we all make the tea and even our senior team have to take out the bins. We’re structured enough that everyone knows what their role is, and flexible enough to integrate freelancers seamlessly.
  • Client base We work with some of the biggest technology and telecoms in the world – and also with some of the smallest emerging challenger brands. Our client base is varied, interesting and exciting to work with but they all need one thing: complex ideas explained simply.
  • Email and tell us – in no more than 100 words – the most original or surprising thing you have ever done
  • Say hello on Twitter @ThinkJPC

    Please upload your CV (.pdf, .doc or .docx)