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‘Liquid Thinking’
by Damian Hughes

I hope Damian Hughes won’t mind me saying this but he doesn’t immediately strike you as an obvious inspiring life guru. Writing on a topic – fulfilling your life’s purpose – which is a current literary obsession, is brave when your credentials read as: ex-football youth player, Unilever HR manager and volunteer at Manchester’s Moston boxing club.
Liquid Thinking by Damian Hughes
But his lack of obvious credibility to pen a book on such a large subject is completely offset by his brave, inspiring ambitions. Want Muhammed Ali to write your foreword? Then find a man who knows a man who knows the boxing legend’s trainer, Angelo Dundee, who agrees to scribe one from himself and Ali!

A brilliant integration of ideas, tasks, quotes, insights from famous (Branson, Johnny Wilkinson, Daley Thompson) and ordinary (Hughes’ own staff) characters in a high tempo manner makes this a great read. ‘Why not try it’ is the lasting legacy of this book and, contrary to expectation, through Damian’s ‘why not’ approach, he has gone and achieved a book of huge credibility for ‘just a boxing volunteer’. His achievement in creating such a great book is the very message itself.