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A day in the life of an account executive

Life at a fast-paced brand and communications consultancy is anything but typical and neither is the day-to-day of the people who work here. Senior account executive Abby Fox took some time out of her busy schedule to chat about what she does at JPC.

What’s working for a marketing agency like?
It’s intense, but lots of fun! There’s always lots going on and, of course, the deadlines, but you get to work with different clients and on different types of projects so your days are never boring!

I’ve got to work on everything from digital campaigns to photo-shoots to global activation tactics since I’ve been here, and we’ve also got a really great culture and team, so it’s very lively and there’s always something going on!

How did your career begin?
I studied English at university and then started at JPC on the Make Your Own Career (MYOC) internship so was given a hands-on induction to the account management side of marketing. I also had the chance to learn about project management, client services and content during my internship, and put together the bits that I particularly enjoyed into the role I’m doing now.

Is there such a thing as a typical day at work?
Ha! Not really, you have to be on your toes. You never know what’s around the corner – even when you’ve planned everything down to the last detail! But that’s part of the fun of it, and a great opportunity to get to learn so much so quickly.

What does your job role involve?
A bit of everything! We call ourselves ‘hybrids’ in our team because we’re responsible for project management and client services. I manage new briefs and timelines and budgets, keep clients updated and handle reviews and briefings. I’m also involved with content and social media so I write blogs for JPC’s eZine, look after our Instagram profile and manage a lot of client content projects.  

Quote from Abby FoxHow do you describe your job to people who ask what you do?
People normally understand the marketing part of my job but it takes a bit more time to explain the strategic side. I normally talk about taking new briefs from clients, what type of research I do, and how we interview clients and customers and then put it all together into a creative campaign or digital project.

What’s the progression from where you started to your current role – and beyond?
I’ve moved up from Intern to Senior Account Executive in just under two years, so it’s been pretty speedy! Our MYOC programme is full-on, and really gets you involved from the start so after my three-month internship I ‘graduated’ into a full-time role.

What’s the most unusual thing you’d done for work?
Stepping in to fill the (literal) shoes of a model, after a last-minute cancellation before a client photo shoot. And so becoming the face of a global campaign overnight – although with Photoshop making me a brunette and about twice the height, you might not be able to tell that it’s me!

What’s your biggest challenge?
Not laughing at Lizzie’s jokes?

What’s been your greatest reward so far – besides a salary of course!
Well, I got to meet Mark Cavendish for a campaign we ran last year … so that was pretty great!

Any tips for someone who wants to work for an agency?
Don’t be nervous if what you’ve studied doesn’t seem to match up exactly. Our team have got a mix of backgrounds from English Literature, to Spanish, to Fine Art but if you’re creative and hard-working and work well under pressure, then you should give it a go!