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Another Reason to Get Loud: Brand Amplifier Achieves Charity Status!

We are delighted to announce that JPC’s passion project – Brand Amplifier, the pro-bono brand strategy training programme for female entrepreneurs, has recently achieved charity status as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The recognition is attributable the overwhelming effectiveness of the intensive brand strategy training curriculum, BA’s contribution to local business growth, and the continued success of its talented graduates.

That piece of good news coupled with the thrilling announcement of J.P. Morgan’s recent decision to provide charitable sponsorship for Brand Amplifier, is making everyone in the Brand Amplifier family smile wider than ever. J.P. Morgan’s generous donation will allow Brand Amplifier to double its intake into two sessions for 2014 (Spring and Autumn), and nurture the success of alumni via networking and instructive events as well as community marketing throughout the year.

With the completion of its Spring 2014 edition in Brixton, Brand Amplifier can look forward to another intake in Autumn in nearby Loughborough Junction, where a new group of aspiring female start-up CEOs can go through the journey of becoming masters of their own entrepreneurial destinies and build businesses that give back to the communities they operate in.

Since 2009, Brand Amplifier founder Jeannette Pritchard has been volunteering her time and resources teaching and sharing her trademark Art of Branding approach with female start-up entrepreneurs.  For five years, this valuable knowledge and industry know-how have been delivered through workshops on everything from marketing to PR to social media. BA contestants also had the opportunity to connect with mentors and win cash injections for their ventures.

JP decided to create Brand Amplifier shortly after being named Best Businesswoman of the Year in Lambeth, with the intention of giving back and helping other women with similar aspirations achieve their goals, especially those who would create brands that give back to the community. Brand Amplifier was born as a branding skills workshop with a single-minded mission: assist young brands to amplify their impact, empower women who mean business, and help them thrive in a tough economy by choosing self-employment over unemployment or unsatisfying career options.

The educational initiative has been a resounding success over the years, and the numbers speak for themselves. Out of the 55 female entrepreneurs who have graduated from the programme, 47 businesses are still operating and employing today. That is an astounding 85% success rate. 56% of whom now have hired and employ paid staff since participating in BA.

Individual success stories include Ronke Ige, who was featured recently on BBC The One Show alongside Oprah Winfrey; lingerie designer Victoria Holt, whose designs have been showcased in Britain’s Next Top Model and GQ; and Ellie Laycock whose successful vintage-cushion-upcycling business has led her to an international book deal.

So where does Brand Amplifier go from here?

With its current endowment, up to 50 startups will be able to take part in Brand Amplifier in 2014. With two editions this year, its impact on the community will be greater than ever, allowing a wider reach and even more job-generation. Now with J.P. Morgan’s financial support, Loughborough Junction will be the next hub of activity for BA. The programme will help local female start-up founders hone their skills in order to develop businesses that are not only financially sustainable but ready to make real noise in London and beyond.

Those wanting to apply for the Autumn edition of Brand Amplifier should follow us on Twitter at @brandamplifier for the latest updates.