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‘Simple Thinking: How to remove complexity from life and work’ by Richard Gerver

 ‘Simple Thinking: How to remove complexity from life and work’ by Richard Gerver

When a book comes out with a title so close to our very own ‘making the complex compellingly simple‘ heart, how could we resist checking it out? Sadly the similarity ends with the title. Richard Gerver makes some sound points, but the book lacks the concise, clear and consistent structure that is a prerequisite when conveying the art of simplification.

Instead, the book follows a loose style that lacks focus. It touches the surface of too many different areas, without driving home a few core, earth-shattering points. Readers end up wading through meandering thoughts and endless self-analysis with no clear distinction between the spheres of ‘life’ or ‘work’.

Gerver quotes Dave Basset, the ex-Wimbledon manager, but the book needed someone more like Alex Ferguson with his gruff, Scottish ‘less is more’ ripostes. As Debussy famously pointed out ‘the music is the silence between the notes.’ This book would have benefited from the literary equivalent: structure accompanied by more space and silence.

Great topic but the book and its structure were quite simply, not simple enough.