Chapter One - The Metamorphosis - ThinkJPC

Chapter One – The Metamorphosis

It all started with a single desk in a small office unit in 1998.
Now, 15 years later, and with over 20 people on board, JPC now fills more than two thirds of the entire second floor space at Piano House, Brixton.

We’re growing.
Not only in size – our very nature is morphing. We’ve welcomed brand new talent streams into our studio who are highly adapted at creativity with content, writing and brand positioning, and have coupled them with our existing pool of visual, digital and technology gurus.

A hybrid, adaptive triple tiered creative consultancy specialised in brand strategy, content and experience.
With this metamorphosis comes the need for an environment that will propel and nurture our growth. Since our space is shifting and evolving, it’s only right to share the momentum of that growth.

Our challenge is multi-faceted.
Not only do we need a re-shuffle, the decor needs to reflect the refreshed identity of the new JPC brand. We need a mindful, considered and delicate translation of the space, so we can pull those beautiful yet tired vintage pieces of furniture into the future with us. We’re thinking retro-fitting, mixing old with new, vintage with technology, rustic with shiny, all finished off with the trademark JPC quirk.
So, check out our Pinterest board for the latest sketches, photos and ideas, and witness the evolution of JPC as we step into our new skin.

Watch this space!