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Content Marketing: Who’s the fairest of them all?

There’s a huge buzz around content marketing strategy and countless examples of brands that do it well. At Project Voice, we are constantly on the lookout for brands that are leading the way, and like to take a moment to explore ‘how and why’ they worked.

Two brands in the social media spotlight at the moment are Pizza Hut and Forrester Research whose engagement across major feeds Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ and Facebook has helped them boost their brand and get involved in meaningful conversations. Fast food mega chain, Pizza Hut, was recently voted the best brand on social media for reaching its youth demographic, thanks to its masterful use of Twitter. Whilst Forrester Research, which stands as its polar brand opposite, uses a carefully crafted approach to social media that has made them on authority on its usage.

Pizza Hut tweets out exclusive promotions for people to snatch up, but at the heart of their social-media efficacy is a key understanding of what their customers want. Their tweets are full of vivid imagery and adept Twittery (relevant hashtagging, following and tagging other accounts) which gets results from their customer set.

Forrester on the other hand, takes a drastically different, yet equally effective, approach. There is little imagery, article-shares or gimmicks. Forrester does not try to be something it’s not. Tweets provide an authoritative view on technology and business research, with relevant articles and infographs, clever use of hashtags, and topical commentary. They might have a very different audience to Pizza Hut, but their authentic approach to social-media strategy is the same.

The secret? They’ve nailed their tone of voice, are consistent in their approach and start conversations that their audiences genuinely want to have. Content strategy is not a one size fits all enterprise. Forrester and Pizza Hut have identified specifically which public they’re speaking to on social media, and have set benchmarks for what they want to get out of the exchange.

It’s all about starting conversations that convert. That’s what Project Voice consistently delivers for brands. We’ve set up new business meetings, secured hard-hitting editorial coverage, created strategic networks for executives, and brought clarity and consistency to brand communications for our clients. We create solutions for inconsistent or disjointed corporate and executive communications, be it social media based, PR, copywriting or a total online image overhaul. Because broadcasting an unfaithful image of your brand is often worse than providing nothing at all.

We’d love to help you get your brand cited by the industry as the next success story in content marketing. Isn’t it time you got involved in the conversation?