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The Crystal – A Beacon for Sustainable Design

As the name would suggest, The Crystal is cutting-edge. In just 3 short years, the government’s massively successful Tech City initiative has hailed the rise of London as the digital capital of Europe. Back in 2012, Siemens led the tech sector with its flagship landmark building, The Crystal, which embodies trailblazing innovation and award-winning sustainable construction. As JPC’s 3D in-house designer, and in the thick of planning our office re-design, I wanted to see how Siemens translated their tech and innovation heritage in building form while keeping the human experience of the space at the forefront.

Not only is The Crystal designed by the prolific office of Wilkinson Eyre Architects, it’s also the lovely end destination of a dramatic and inventive way of crossing the Thames via the Emirates Airline at Royal Victoria Docks.

It’s definitely a day trip worth experiencing.

Armed with my Nikon D60, I charted the incredible blue sky thinking this permanent exhibition provokes through a photo diary that captures the essence of the space. You’ll find floor-to-ceiling video walls, interactive installations, and breathtaking sculptures. Coupled with clever graphics, sophisticated animation and beautiful way-finding systems, the infusion of every surprising detail makes for a memorable and inspirational visit. Truly, an amazing feat in brand strategy and human experience!

Have a look through the photos here

I know I’ll definitely be referring back to these images for inspiration in the future!