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Inspiring Creativity: Adobe Create Now World Tour

I believe every design graduate dreams of finding a great job and a fantastic team. Luckily enough my dream came true when I was accepted to be part of the JPC design team! This is how I started my MYOC (Make Your Own Career) journey.

I had only been here for 3 weeks when Adobe announced their “Create Now World Tour” was coming to London. In constant pursuit of inspiration, the JPC creative team decided to be there and they were taking me with them. Adobe is like a designer’s toy, so it’s needless to say how excited I was when I heard the news! Besides learning all about the latest innovations coming to Creative Cloud, this was also a great chance for me to get to know everyone, to meet new designers and above all, enjoy some great team building.

There have been some great new features introduced to all the Adobe Creative Cloud products that make everyday tasks much easier and faster. As an intensive Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator user, the instant previews of typefaces, as well as the improvements to the pencil and pen tools, are a major change. Indesign now allows users to move the rows and columns of tables while Illustrator includes live shape capabilities, to quickly transform rectangles into complex objects, in a non-destructive way. Photoshop has new blur filters and a better content-aware fill with colour parameters that will help save plenty of time in the studio!

There are also 3 new mobile apps: Photoshop mix, Adobe Sketch, Adobe Line and for the first time, Adobe introduces iPad accessories: Ink and Slide.

For anyone interested in web design, but for whom learning all the coding is not a priority, Adobe brings Muse – specially build for designers. I think this is the product that interested me the most. Probably like most designers that love creating amazing work for web, learning the CSS or HMTL language, while of course creative to some, doesn’t feed our own creative souls, so we now have Muse that does the coding job for you! I believe this is just the beginning and I’m confident this relatively new product will improve in the long term and will replace web tools like Edge and Dreamweaver.

“Creativity is like a muscle, you need to develop it.” – Madame Peripetie

Beside launching their new products, Adobe also brought some very famous guests speakers and one of my favourites was photographer Madame Peripetie whose work is beyond amazing. Her ambition of finding “her own language” and always striving for quality brought her where she is today. With over 229,000 followers on Behance and with clients like Canon, Selfridges and Swarovski, her work speaks for itself. She has become an inspiration for many designers.

The launch was a success from all points of view and the organisation was brilliant. They included a 30 minute break for networking, sharing ideas and to exchange impressions. We also had the opportunity to share views with talented people from all creative industries such as illustrators, filmmakers and designers.

It was a great evening for the team. We had a good time, lots of fun and we learnt new and useful skills that will not only help us in our career path but will also improve the quality and efficiency of our work. Without any doubt Adobe is changing the world of design, and it’s changing it fast.

I think this type of event is not to be missed because above all they are a great way to connect with your team outside the working environment and give you the opportunity to have a good time together, while still gaining some invaluable design knowledge.