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Life as a B2B agency Account Manager

Jam-packed with tasks and deadlines in the run up to Christmas, our Account Manager, Liz, has been extremely busy. Luckily Liz is ace at scheduling and made time to answer a few questions about her role here at JPC. This interview gives us a feel for the challenges and rewards of agency life, an insight into how Liz’s role is a vital component to any B2B marketing agency, and, of course, she tells us her festive favourites!

How would you describe your role at JPC and what tasks does this involve?
As an Account Manager at JPC my time is split across project management and client services. Day-to-day I manage project briefs and budgets, whilst keeping our clients up-to-date on projects, managing our creative team, and I’m also often out at client meetings and workshops. There is never a dull day!

Is there such thing as a typical day at a busy B2B marketing agency?
No! To be honest, you never know what is going to come up so you have to be prepared for anything. Even if you plan your day as carefully as you can, things always come in and last-minute deadlines can be set – you just have to be ready to adapt. So no, definitely not!

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done for work?
Working with a client in Australia to tight deadlines meant working some interesting hours… sitting on 6am conference calls from home in our PJs, whilst the Australia team on the other end were just finishing a day at work!

How has JPC challenged you to be Brave, Original and Collaborative?
There are a lot of strong characters in JPC, which means there is nowhere to hide – to stand out you need to hold your own. Being brave means that, though I may be small in size, I still have a voice here!

At JPC we also all encourage each other to be different and original (especially in our brainstorms) and I am no exception.

We are definitely a team, and every team member pulls out the stops to make sure our projects happen. It’s amazing to think of some of the things we’ve achieved together in the last year.

Describe the agency life at JPC in 3 words.
Fast-paced, busy and fun!

Time for some festive questions! What has been your favourite Christmas Advert this year? 
I am quite a sucker for a good tear jerker at Christmas and this year’s BBC advert didn’t disappoint! Told through a mixture of stop-motion and animation, it’s a feel-good ad with a heart-warming message. A winner for me this year.

Another advert to grab my attention this year is Greenpeace’s Alternative Coca-Cola Christmas Advert. Although it’s controversial, particularly for this time of year, and perhaps a cheap shot at Coca-Cola, it’s not one to ignore.

What has been the cheesiest Christmas cracker joke you’ve heard so far?
What does Miley Cyrus have at Christmas? Twerky!

What festive activity at JPC have you enjoyed the most this year? 
There have been a few, but I think the JPC Christmas party has to be the highlight. Though the boys had greater success at Hint Hunt (the escape room challenge), the girls definitely held their own in the table football field!

The office advent calendar has also brought a lot of festive cheer (and chocolate) to the office, despite office manager Ryan McKenna’s terrible Christmas jokes!

And finally, what are you excited for at JPC in the New Year?
We are working with a lot of great clients at the moment and there are a lot of interesting projects in the pipeline for 2018, so I’m excited to take the momentum from 2017 into the New Year.