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A Real Experience of Work: My Week at JPC

As a student, your expectation of a week’s work experience tends to involve adopting the role of ‘chief tea maker.’ Luckily for me, this was not the case during my week with JPC. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive of my development throughout the week. They introduced me to the world of B2B marketing at a comfortable pace, without bombarding me with information. The JPC team gave me small parts of live projects to work on, giving me the opportunity to understand projects and have meaningful input. They always encouraged me to have an opinion and give my feedback. Are you ready to Make Your Own Career? See our vacancies and apply today.

The highlight of my week was being included in a meeting about JPC’s social media marketing strategy. I found this really useful as it demonstrated to me the importance of constantly reviewing social strategies. I was asked to help out with the week’s ‘digital diet’ programme, drafting various posts to be published on JPC’s social channels. Getting to grips with JPC’s ‘tone of voice’ for social media was my biggest challenge, but I felt supported and empowered thanks to the nurturing attitude of the team.   

From my perspective, JPC’s greatest assets are the culture and the people who have created that. Despite being incredibly busy, everyone is so welcoming – team members were always willing to help me fully understand their daily processes, as well as the business of strategic marketing. JPC promotes an enjoyable working environment which in turn has developed a group of genuinely lovely people, united in their hard-working, yet fun attitude to work.

My week at JPC was a truly eye-opening experience – it was great to be in a hard-working office that also manages to incorporate a constant giggling and friendly banter throughout the day. It’s this fun attitude that I believe helps JPC to always remain positive, despite the pressures that can arise in a busy, creative agency. After only a week it was clear to me that real agency campaigns differ significantly from the security and predictability of student projects with lengthy deadlines. However, the presence of such a united and supportive team within JPC makes this adjustment feel achievable. It was a real pleasure to spend the week working here.

– Catherine Whyte

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