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Ugli Collaborates With London Silicon Triangle Drinks

Guest post from the lovely Elodie of Ugli. Ugli is an inventive partnership between the BBC, TCN property development and JPC, which has transformed an unlikely, unused area of West-London into a thriving creative start-up community of more than 700 employees across fashion, film, photography, digital and design and in doing so, has unofficially zoned West London as the new spiritual home for creative start-ups.

The London Silicon Triangle Drinks have recently taken place at the Ugli Creative Campus in West London.

We were absolutely thrilled to host this meetup event and the Big Room was jam-packed with tech startups, entrepreneurs, angel investors, TV and Media people. A great networking night with engaging Q&As!

Our lovely guest, John Small from the BBC accepted to share few words with us…

“With all the attention given to start ups in the Shoreditch and ‘TechCity’ the West London startup scene is often overlooked. But lots of companies are moving West because the rents are cheaper and it’s pretty lively out here. To encourage people to get together and talk to each other I started a meetup groupĀ ‘Silicon Triangle Drinks’, named to combine the ideas of ‘Silicon Roundabout’ and ‘TV Triangle’ because this part of London is known as theĀ TV Triangle.

Our member list is growing and we get lots of interesting people along to each meeting. The format is networking and drinks, followed by some talks, followed by more networking.

We have our meetings on the last Thursday of every month at different locations. Last week we came to Ugli met the people on the campus and had a very good meeting. Some MBA students will be doing a research project on the area as a media hub, so that generated a lot of discussion.

In fact the meeting was so good that we’re planning to come back in March and invite everyone in the Ugli Campus to say something about their company. Talk for 3-5minutes and let everyone know about your company.”