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Who’s Afraid Of The Big Blue Bird?

When Facebook landed in 2004, shortly followed by Twitter two years later, the world went communications mad. Everyone, including your neighbour’s dog, became an overnight blogging sensation, tweeting, hashtagging and regramming like it was going out of fashion and you found yourself getting left behind in the dust. In your mind, tweeting comes from ACTUAL birds and regram sounds like some kind of cereal.

Commence social media meltdown. How could you get your company involved, with the biggest thing since the Spice Girls and capitalise on social media madness?

It’s important to remember one BIG thing here. Though Social Media as a term sounds faddish, the fundamental way it’s shifted communications is most certainly no trend. Twitter in particular isn’t going anywhere. For those of you whom that blue bird evokes Hitchcok-esque visions of ominous onslaughts of mindless updates, incomprehensible typos and emojis, or a globally public platform for you to make a massive comms blunder (ahem, Ed Balls), think of it instead as a direct line into your customer’s day, conversations, and purchase decision moments. It’s immediate, creates context, transforms customer service and, in the best cases, delivers entertainment and connection.

The beauty of Twitter is its potential to spread your message far and wide. This has however had the predictable effect of intimidating even the most loquacious brand leaders, who often take the baffling decision to hand this supremely strategic channel over to the wrong hands, or worse — none at all. The tricky part is knowing which voices to engage with and how to develop your own. Now whilst this isn’t rocket science (most of us have been talking since we were two) it does require some strategic thinking.

This is where Project Voice steps in. The days of hard selling are gone. Your customers, like you, don’t want to be bombarded with sales pitches. These days they prefer a softer approach. It’s about starting conversations with the right people to condition the market and convince them of your brand values before converting that conversation into new business for you.

Believe it or not, you can have it all and you can do it well. Project Voice helps brands create the right conversations that build their profile while moving their businesses forward. Its not about taking on a million different media platforms, it’s about cutting out the excess work and learning to sell smart.