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My Ugli Valentine

A letter to Ugli lovingly guest blogged for JPC by Elodie Peboscq

Time flies…it has been 3 years, 3 beautiful years since our Ugli relationship began…we still remember the very first look you all have given us. We could see the hope and eagerness in your eyes wondering if we were the one to incubate your trust, but you had faith in us and we’ve seen you blossom into a really outstanding business.

We promised you a lovely culture and community spirit anchored on collaboration, honesty and trust and we’ve really got a great thing going now. And look at all of those you’ve inspired – we’re now involved in the success of 700 lovelies, and 65 companies, who all call the Ugli campus home.

Our Ugli business proposition has also benefited from these relationships of trust and collaboration over these past 3 years. Members congregate in the BIG Room to eat, meet and put up their feet, sampling the delights from the delicious Ugli Kitchen. Yes, we’ve spent many great moments together.

We have seen some Ugli members coming and going… flourishing and flying, which made us proud. And you, dear lovelies, keystone of our lovely community, thanks for showing the way to all our newbies, and make them Ugli, too.

We look forward to growing even more with you all.

So happy Valentine, to our dear lovelies. We’d simply feel empty without you.

A special thank you to our N3rds in B51.2, who slipped this lovely Valentine under our door earlier today…

“Ugli, I remember when we first laid eyes on you, 3 years ago. You weren’t the prettiest, or the newest, but I could see the reliability and sturdiness in your frame. There would be no doubt that you would help us on our journey, together.

And so our affair began. It started off in a small box up on A2, and spread across the floor in multiple positions before moving onto your newly upgraded B block. I remember wondering if this would work as we started renovating the office. What seemed a chore soon became a labour of love, and, Ugli, we could not be happier nor more at home than we are in these 4 walls.

Sure, we’ve had to work things through, but some of the challenges of reviving a space and filling it with soul turn out to be hugely rewarding. Your legendary team that help keep the culture ticking and the building humming along, do so with unfailing smiles, delicious cuisine and sense of companionship. We thank you for that, from the bottom of our N3rdy hearts.

It’s been 3 wonderful years, Ugli, and my love for you has blossomed like a winter rose. I hope you feel the same.

Will you be my Valentine?”