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Tanya’s MYOC journey

I have always been passionate about design and came to JPC knowing that this is a career I wanted to persue but wasn’t quite sure how to get my foot in the door.

Then I found the MYOC (Make Your Own Career) programme at JPC, which seemed perfect for me. So I started on the programme in June and have recently graduated my first three months. Often the word ‘internship’ conjures images of tea making, errand running and the occasional cutting and pasting if you’re lucky. However this is not the case at JPC. From the very beginning I was given the chance to design and was immersed in a number of different projects.

Over these first three months, the JPC team have invested a lot of time and effort in helping me develop my design skills and overall confidence and I feel I have come a long way since I began. Starting a new job can often be a daunting experience but the MYOC programme has been a great way to ease into working life. With the help of JPC I feel I have been set on the right path to making my own career in design and I am excited to see what JPC has in store for me next?!

At JPC we work hard but we also play hard too, getting involved in team activities such as the high ropes activity course Go Ape, eating a lot of cake and drinking prosecco at any excuse?!

Here is my little book which records my journey at MYOC so far – in the guise of my pseudo, Bob!?

Make Your Own Career

MYOC Blog 1

MYOC Blog 2

One day in June Bob joined JPC, Where Tori greeted him kindly. ‘Hello I’m here to MYOC But how I do that is a puzzle to me‘.

MYOC Blog 3

So Bob went to the design family And asked where MYOC could be.

Perhaps young Bob you could look in a tree? He climbed up high but still could not see.

MYOC Blog 4

Bob found in the kitchen Tatiana and Fi, Who asked why Bob was at JPC.

Hello I’m here to MYOC But how I do that is a puzzle to me‘.

Perhaps young Bob to MYOC You should clean your own dishes and Make Your Own Coffee.

MYOC Blog 6

Bob went to the client services family Who welcomed Bob to JPC.

Hello I’m here to MYOC But how I do that ?is a puzzle to me’.

Perhaps young Bob to MYOC, it takes collaboration, being brave and originality!

MYOC Blog 5

These values thought Bob must be the key To why he was there and who he could be.

So Bob felt assured that he would MYOC And what better place to do it than at JPC!