We’re all about home-grown talent at JPC. Our Make Your Own Career programme gives today’s brightest and best young talent a unique real-world opportunity to step into our world and carve out their career, all whilst being mentored and developed by our collaborative and supportive team.

Start here, go anywhere.

MYOC-ers aren’t just tea-makers, watching the action from the sidelines. You’ll be immersed right from the start, learning essential experience on real client accounts and making a contribution across the board. You’ll discover your skills, your passions and understand exactly where you want to fit into agency life.

By the end of the nine-month programme, you’ll be a fully graduated member of the team, with plenty of experience and a honed set of skills. But MYOC is custom-built, too: you’ll have personalised long-term goals from the start, designed to put your talent to work for a satisfying and profitable career.

Collaboration and creativity are at the heart of what we do, so whether you’re a clever creative, a social media star, or a total client delighter, chances are you’ll fit right in at JPC. It’s the ideal way to learn everything about the industry from the best in the business, all whilst paving your own personalised career-path based on what you truly love to do. Better still, you’ll be on a full apprentice salary after your initial 3-month internship.

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