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A flash of genius: @think_jpc Instagram challenge

This is the first time I’ve worked for a company with “core values”.

Not promises that we shout about to make people believe in us.

But real, core values that we believe in and live by.

At JPC everything we do is driven by these.

Collaboration. Bravery. Originality.

We challenge ourselves, and we challenge each other, to be braver and more original in how we think and how we work. We’re a small team but when we collaborate we can produce vast and wonderful creations.

We aren’t perfect – and we’re brave enough to say it – but we’re proud to have built an environment around these values where we’re encouraged to learn, constantly challenged and helped play to our strengths and develop our weaknesses.

It’s definitely my kind of team.

“Living the values” is something we joke about as we carry a scalding cup of tea in one hand and a laptop in the other, but we’re also serious about what they mean to us.

So much so that we start to carry the values with us beyond our studio. Our team consists of talented designers, creatives and project managers, but these are also divers, runners, cricketers, kickboxers, dancers, cyclists, hockey players.

We don’t just work with our values – we have fun with them too! And we like sharing these experiences – even when it involves being suspended in mid-air above a forest (long story….).

So we’ve started a team Instagram challenge (@think_jpc) to help us do this.

Names were drawn out of a flower pot (we didn’t have a hat but hey, original!) and each fortnight two of our team go head to head in a battle to provide a photo that shows how they are living their assigned value.

These are posted on Instagram and a week later we choose the “winner” based on the number of likes and comments. We’re quite a competitive bunch…so I’m interested to see what we come up with.

We’ve always preferred to show what we do rather than say it – so follow us on Instagram @think_jpc and get ready for some brave, original and collaborative creations!