3 ways to guarantee value for every customer

All businesses are engaged in a quest to provide ever greater value for their clients. But the sheer size and speed of available information means delivering it has become more challenging. The key to overcoming this is knowing the universal constants that span all industries and all clients.

Here are three pillars that, if realised, will position your business as one that offers real value, no matter your prospect:

1. Address the issues the client does not yet know about – We once proposed an idea to a client. They thought about it. Over the course of a year they decided it had some merit. They asked us to write the brief that was then tendered out as was the company’s procurement policy. We pitched and because we were the architects of the idea, unsurprisingly, we won. What this demonstrates is that clients value true thought leadership. They didn’t know what they needed until we presented it to them.

2. Bring an external view – Clients will always value a perspective that is unhindered
by their corporate hierarchy and monthly salary or promotion prospects. The value of not being constrained by internal ‘this is how we do it round here’ thinking is a huge competitive advantage. Make the most of it – even if on occasion you may need to ‘gift’ your ideas to a client in the process.

3. Give your existing client things that will help them do their job better – From market insights to competitor audits, your existing clients will value all the things you might naturally provide when targeting a new prospect. Never forget the 80/20 rule: 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients. And keep the faith even when clients don’t respond to proactive initiatives and thoughts, bringing ideas to help a client does – and will – count for you.

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