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Vodafone Colao Customer Experience Centre

Vodafone needed to refresh their Colao Customer Experience Centre at their head office campus in Newbury to bring it up to date with their new vision. Whilst already a successful centre and key asset in Vodafone’s customer engagement strategy, the space was 8 years old and so needed to adapt to allow a more customer centric experience, with the flexibility to adapt to multiple use cases, and better embedding innovation into the heart of every stakeholder journey within Vodafone’s key Business customer accounts. 

JPC placed Vodafone’s customer – and theirs – firmly at the centre of the re-design. We never lose sight of the fact it’s people ultimately doing the buying, so we set out to combine personalisation, theatre, immersive content, design and human storytelling to create an engaging experience from the very first touchpoint. We worked with Vodafone to re-think how customers travel through the existing space and to inspire and invigorate through ‘wow’ moments and innovative content delivery.

As budget and time were key factors, we then looked at ways to maximise the existing space to create the most impactful and dynamic zones and more intuitive flow. We also wanted to design areas to create a conscious mindshift from ‘business as usual’. The careful blend of digital and physical space ensures that there is a dramatic impact from the outset and that this is maintained throughout as customers are able to interact with key demonstrations and content.

Through collaboration with Vodafone, JPC created a set of fresh, dynamic spaces that moved the CEC from a passive customer experience to an interactive, digitally led environment that allows customers to leave their day to day behind and immerse themselves in Vodafone’s capabilities and demonstrations. Over a two week period, the CEC was stripped back and re-built with clean lines, creating clear zones but also ensuring a fluid customer journey. Ultimately creating an innovative, personalised space that allows customers to take the leap from viewing Vodafone as just a supplier to their digital partner.

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