Going back to 'normal'? Think again, the ‘hybrid model’ is here to stay. - ThinkJPC

Going back to ‘normal’? Think again, the ‘hybrid model’ is here to stay.

As the country begins its gradual easing from the (hopefully 😬) final COVID-19 lockdown and the staggered re-opening of the economy, it’s clear that the last year has had a resounding impact on the way businesses operate. Never before have we spent so many hours locked on Zoom calls from our home office (or living room in many cases) looking like a dishevelled Tom Hanks in Castaway, with bellowing cries of WILSON sounding out every time access to a webcam is granted.

The historic shift to remote working and improved digital communications has been recognised by businesses as an opportunity to cut overheads by significantly reducing office space, or closing them completely. By 2025, an estimated 70% of the workforce will be working remotely at least five days a month. This Paradigm shift combined with social distancing measures and the current ‘Rule of 6’ are making it harder to get close to decision makers, causing communication difficulties, strained relationships and missed sales. But, there’s no going back! The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the use of technology, and with businesses now heavily invested in new ways of working, the ‘hybrid model’ is here to stay.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! Every challenge brings opportunities, and this challenge is definitely no exception. Buying behaviour has significantly changed in response to the pandemic, and the businesses that can respond to these shifting needs will be the ones to thrive.

Our latest playbook – ‘Get closer to your customers in a socially distanced world’ – examines the attitudinal and behavioural shifts your buyers are going through, and shares ideas on how you can revolutionise your selling culture to respond to these changing priorities, to increase sales and grow customer loyalty throughout COVID-19 and beyond.

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